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The Tsunami earthquake disaster!



The Asian tsunami disaster should make all Christians question the existence of God, Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, writes in The Telegraph today. [4thJan.2005].

In a deeply personal and candid article, he says "it would be wrong" if faith were not "upset" by the catastrophe which has already claimed more than 150,000 lives in 11 countries.

Prayer, he admits, provides no "magical solutions" and most of the stock Christian answers to human suffering do not "go very far in helping us, one week on, with the intolerable grief and devastation in front of us".
Note: Not only is his title "Archbishop" unbiblical, so are his comments!  JESUS Himself prophesied of the very last days: "There shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes...........And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elects sake those days shall be shortened."  [Mat.24:7,22].  GOD'S heart is bleeding to see the sorrow of the survivors.  But good will come out of this evil.  Many will turn from their idolatry and false religions to seek the real GOD who gave His only begotten Son to die for them so that they also can have forgiveness of sins.

The people in Noah's day did not respond to his preaching and therefore rejected GOD and suffered the consequence.  The flood took them all away!  Is it any different today under similar circumstances?  Many Clergy do no longer believe in GOD leave alone that GOD allowed Satan to devastate the old patriarch Job.  Revelation tells us that GOD told His angels to hold back the winds of strive and bloodshed.  Well, He is telling them now to slowly release them so that human evil passions can be seen in all its ugliness.  Our nude beaches and our televisions and video demonstrate and testify against us.  Violence and sex play the major roles, not forgetting the occult movies and stories like Harry Potter!


Does it mean GOD punished them for being more evil than others?  No!  Jesus made it very plain in Luke 13:4,5 but He says: "Unless you repent, you shall all likewise perish".  Every disaster is shaking us to the very foundations.   It makes us sit up and listen. 

But men were as ready in CHRIST'S day as men are now to conclude that they themselves are the favourites of heaven, and that the message of reproof is meant for another.

A recent Pollster in the US interviewed 2033 born again Christians and found that only 9% of them actually believed the Bible and trusted in GOD.  Surely, there must be 91% phoney conversions in Christianity.

Are natural disasters an act of GOD or not?  Is GOD allowing Satan to punish unbelief and disobedience?  Here we have two opposing view points:

Tsunami is explained in Amos 5:8: "That calleth for the waters of the sea, and poureth them out upon the face of the earth: The LORD is his Name!"
So don't be surprised if you saw all of this, its already stated by our bible, of course its not by satan power its the Lord, Why?
Please observe this:
- In SriLanka : How many locals burned their Churches there?
- In India : How many people there make a graven idolatry?
- In Phuket : How many Sexually Immortal are there?
- In Aceh, Indonesia : How many terrorists graduate from that place and its covered by locals...
In Amos 5:9-12 you will find that above is directed to people, and what God want for us to do right now is found in Amos 5 :13-14.
Some place in Nias island (where the locals are mostly Christian) quite near with Aceh, if you saw the Aceh-Sumatera Island-- its only a small island, but so many people were saved there. As it happened during the church time so only some people who did not go to church were hit by the disaster.
be Watch, God Belss you all!

Australia, this CHRIST-mas remembered the Darwin Hurricane disaster of 30 years ago, Cyclone Tracy, that flattened most of the city of 10 000 people.  The very day before it happened, the day before CHRIST-mas, the population boasted publicly, that Darwin was the drinking capital of the world.

Now we know that it is very hot upon the very top tip of Aussie-land Downunder, but there are other ways of cooling off.  The town itself was an affront to GOD.  It was named after the inventor of the evolutionary theory, Charles Darwin, who, dropped out of the Theology class at Oxford University to become the Devils spokesman.
Note: the word CHRIST-MAS comes from holding Mass for CHRIST.

Australia missed out on the earthquake even though we are very close to the epicentre from where Tsunami started out.  Australia was the first to come to their aid as the closest Neighbour and we showed our friendship and concerns.  Australians gave the most that they had ever given to any national emergency appeal and more fund raising is on the way.

The Richter scale registered 9, and it can't get much higher.  Boschi from the Italian Bureau of Meteorology said that he saw the whole earth shake and compared it to a million Atom bombs.

The 1775 Lisbon earthquake
Though commonly known as the Lisbon earthquake, it extended to the greater parts of Europe, Africa, and America.  it was felt in Greenland, in the West Indies, in the Island of Madeira, in Norway and Sweden, Great Britain and Ireland.  it pervaded an extent of not less than four million square miles.  In Africa the shock was almost as severe as in Europe.  A great part of Algiers was destroyed; and a short distance from Morocco, a village containing eight or ten thousand inhabitants was swallowed up.  A vast wave swept over the coast of Spain and Africa engulfing cities and causing great destruction.---Sir Charles Lyell, Principles of Geology,p.495

Tsunami Death Toll Exceeds 150,000




BANDA ACEH, Indonesia (Jan. 8) - Rescue workers pulled thousands more
rotting corpses from the mud and debris of flattened towns along the
Sumatran coast Saturday, two weeks after surging walls of water caused
unprecedented destruction on the shores of the Indian Ocean. The death toll
in 11 countries passed 150,000.


Hungry people with haunted expressions were still emerging from isolated
villages on Sumatra island.


Staggered by the scale of the disaster, aid officials announced plans to
feed as many as 2 million survivors each day for the next six months,
focusing particularly on young children, pregnant women and nursing mothers.


World Food Program Executive Director James Morris said at a Jakarta news
conference that the operation likely would cost $180 million.


"Many of the places where we work are remote, detached and their
infrastructure has been dramatically compromised,'' Morris said, a day after
he visited Aceh with U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan. "We will be
distributing food ... by trucks, by barges, by ships, by helicopters, by big


As two Indonesian navy amphibious vessels zoomed ashore in Calang, hundreds
of refugees lined up amid the wreckage of boats to unload supplies. Eighty
percent of Calang residents were killed in the giant waves. The Indonesian
military set up two field hospitals, one with 50 beds, the other with 20.


"The tragedy was terrible, but considering this, the survivors here now are
in pretty good shape,'' said Dr. Steve Wignall, an American who works for
Family Health International and was making an assessment with several other
aid workers.


In other areas, victims were more vulnerable, though health officials said
there were no signs yet of feared epidemics of disease.


Indonesia, which has a reputation as a base for child trafficking gangs,
said Saturday it was monitoring its borders to prevent such smuggling.


As aid poured into a region long troubled by separatist violence, Indonesian
soldiers resumed patrols in Aceh province to search for rebels.
International aid groups worried that renewed conflict could hamper their


A delegation of U.S. congressmen traveled to Banda Aceh later Saturday. They
came by helicopter from the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier so they
would not disrupt other flights.


The World Bank said it will consider significantly boosting its aid, perhaps
to as much as $1.5 billion. It has already pledged $175 million in
assistance to the 11 countries in Asia and Africa hit by the Dec. 26
disaster, but bank President James Wolfensohn said he was flexible on the


"We can go up to even $1 billion to $1.5 billion, depending on the needs ...
our immediate focus is to provide relief to the affected people,'' he told a
news conference at the end of a one-day visit to Sri Lanka.


Survivors in Indonesia struggled to put their lives back together, some
straggling across debris-strewn miles of countryside to reach larger towns -
only to find those regional centers also flattened.


The relief effort is building quickly in Calang, 55 miles southeast of Banda
Aceh, where the 1,000 survivors have been joined by 6,000 refugees even
though only foundations of homes remain.


About 13,000 U.S. servicemen are now in Indonesia and surrounding seas,
along with 10 ships and more on the way, the U.S. Navy said Saturday. The
U.S. military says it is incurring $5.6 million a day in operating costs.


At the bustling market in the Lambaro section, women haggled over costs of
chilies, bananas, chickens and goats. Barbers set up shop and old men sipped
coffee at outdoor cafes.


But business was bad for fish traders, since many buyers were queasy because
of the bodies washed out to sea.


"Business is down 50 percent,'' said one seller, wiping the flies off five
fat tunas. "People fear the fish are feeding on the human remains.''

To Gary and Rolf and all,

Here is the letter I mentioned earlier about a Moslem lady who appealed to
her fellow Moslems after witnessing how Christians have come to their help
despite their hatred and evil treatments towards us, with my translation in

Just a few minutes ago I received a call from Br. Situmorang from Indonesia
telling me to continue appealing for donation from the people here in
Australia.  He mentioned how this an opportunity for us to win the hearts of
the Moslems in Indonesia.  He has heard so many Moslems expressing their
gratitude and amazement at the generosity of Christian nations. He is
convinced that many will be converted after this. 

"Bismi-lLahi-rRahmani-rRahiem, alhamdu li-lLahi  Rabbi-l'alamien
wa-shshalatu wa-ssalamu 'ala asyrafi-lAnbiyai  wa-lMursalien, wa man
tabiahu ila yaumi-ddien. NastaienuHu wa nastaghfiruHu  min sayyiati
anfusina wa sayyiati amalina, ma-yyahdli-lLahu fala  mudlillalah
wama-yyudlli-lLahu fala hadiyalah. 'amma bad   [In the name of the merciful
and gracious God praised be the sovereign of the universe with my prayer and
peace unto all of you..]

A-ssalamu  'alaikum wa rahmatu-lLahi wa barakatuh,  [Peace be unto all of
you and may the grace and blessing of God be unto you,]

Saya menangis melihat demikian  besarnya perhatian orang2 bule, orang2
Yahudi, orang2 Cina, bahkan orang  India yang kesemuanya adalah kafir
dan penyembah berhala yang sering  didholimi umat Islam yang merupakan
umat seagama dengan saya. [I cried when I witness how great is the concern
of Caucasians, Jews, Chinese and even Indians whom we considered as heathens
and idol worshippers by us Moslems.]

Aku  menghimbau semua umat Islam, belajarlah peradaban sekarang yang
sangat  berbeda dengan peradaban dizaman nabi Muhammad yang merampoki
orang2 Yahudi  yang lewat !!!! Kejadian gempa bumi dan Tsunami yang
maha hebat ini  anggaplah merupakan petunjuk Allah bagaimana seharusnya
kalian sebagai umat  Islam untuk mengabdi kepada kemanusiaan tanpa
membedakan agama, tanpa  menyombongkan agamamu yang paling baik dan
agama lain patut  dimusnahkan. [I appeal to all Moslems, learn from the
present civilization which is far different from the civilization during the
time of Mohammed when passing Jews were robbed!!!!  The recent terrible
Tsunami and earthquake should be considered as a warning from Allah on how
we as Moslems should serve humanity without differentiating their religion,
and without bragging that your religion is the best and all others must be

Lihatlah, mereka semua membantu kita umat yang malang yang  tidak tahu
diri. Mereka itulah yang biasa kita dholimi, kita tutup jalan  masuk
kegerejanya, kita paksa sekolah Kristen untuk mengajarkan agama  Islam,
kita bakar gerejanya, kita bakar tokonya, kita perkosa amoy2nya,  kita
bakar patung2nya, kita fitnah dengan menuduh pelaku2nya adalah  lawan
dari agama kita. Sekarang pada saat kita dihukum Allah, mereka  semua
bersatu justru membela dan menyelamatkan kita umat yang  selalu
memusuhi mereka.  [Look, they all came to help us wretched and unthankful
people.  They are the ones we used to hate and considered as our enemies, we
closed their schools and places of worship, we forced their Christian
schools to teach Moslem religion, we burned their churches, we destroyed
their shops, we raped their women, we burned their statues, we accused them
of persecuting  and insulting us and warring against us.  Now while we are
being punished by Allah, they all united to defend and save us, the people
who hated them.]

AlQuran telah menyesatkan kita untuk  memusnahkan kaum penyembah
berhala yang sebenarnya berhati mulia, AlQuran  juga telah menipu kita
untuk menghancurkan patung2 mereka yang tidak  bersalah !!!! Kenapa
kita harus melukai perasaan mereka akan kepercayaan  mereka terhadap
patung2nya ???? Kenapa kita memusuhi mereka hanya karena  mereka
menyembah patung yang tidak kita sembah ???? Mereka sama sekali  tidak
percaya Allah, namun tidak satupun diantara mereka yang menghina  Allah
kita, tidak satupun diantara mereka yang menghancurkan mesjid  kita
seperti yang telah kita lakukan kepada gereja, kuil, dan patung2  mereka.
[The Koran has taught us to destroy those idol worshippers who actually have
such noble hearts, and the Koran has also taught us to destroy the statues
of those innocent people.  Why do we have to hate them?  Perhaps they do not
believe in God, but they do not insult our God, they did not destroy our
mosque as we did to their churches, temples and statues.]


Hati  Nuraniku mengetuk pintu hati semua umat Islam !!! [My conscience is
trying to appeal to the hearts of all people of Islam!!!]

Signed by:
Ny. Muslim binti  Muskitawati.





To: bible-challenge@yahoogroups.com
Subject: Re: [bible-challenge] donations


Hi Gary,
What makes you so sure that it was GOD?  The earth is waxing old like a
garment and getting very frail.  Satan also learned to temper with the
labatory of nature like he did to Job.
as for the red cross, they are from neutral Swiss.  How can you be so
hardened as not to help suffering victims Gary?  If you have done it to the
least, you've done it to me says JESUS to you and me.  May the Lord have
mercy on both of us.
Rolf Vaessen
>>Why not give donations to people who are already on the ground, like ADRA,
>>Red Cross and Food for life, the latter  are giving out over 10 000 hot
>>vegetarian meals per day in those affected areas?
>>www.adra.org   www.adra.org.au

Jakarta Post Jan.10,2005
"There was an aircraft carrying aid from Belgium bound for Medan, but it had
to go back to the country as the airport in Medan was crowded with
commercial and military aircraft carrying aid," said Alwi. Responding to the
situation, Susilo said that he had secured permission from Malaysian Prime
Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to use Malaysian airports as transitory bases
for foreign aircraft carrying aid. Alwi said that to provide survivors with
temporary housing, the government had started the construction of shelters
that could accommodate between 8,000 and 20,000 people, and were provided
with better security measures and sanitation as well as better accessibility
to aid workers.

In worst-hit Banda Aceh, life is more vibrant than days before with business
activities in Lambaro Market, one of the city's economic hub, almost
returning to normal. A variety of goods, which had earlier been offered at
highly inflated prices, are now available at relatively lower prices. Beef,
for example, which was previously sold at Rp 60,000 per kilogram is now
offered at Rp 55,000, its price before the tsunami hit the area.

In some parts of Banda Aceh, a number of inter-city buses offered their
services although for astronomically inflated fares. "The fare is
considerably higher because we have to traverse routes less traveled before
the tsunamis, and the trip becomes more difficult. We also have to purchase
fuel at much higher prices," a driver was quoted by Antara as saying.

Earlier on Saturday, Defense Minister Juwono Sudarsono said that prior to
the establishment of the United Nations-sponsored command center for
international humanitarian efforts, Australian and Singaporean troops in
Aceh would be at the helm of the relief efforts. Emerging from a meeting
with his Australian counterpart Robert Hill on Saturday, Juwono said that
troops from these countries would play a leading role, as they were the
first foreign forces that arrived in the tsunami-hit province.

Juwono could not foresee how long military assistance from neighboring
countries would prevail, but "it will be a long-term cooperation". However,
Juwono said that the Indonesian Military (TNI) would still play a
supervisory role on all foreign relief efforts in Aceh. "Such a role is
required as the TNI isobligedto maintain security in Aceh," he said. ***


Homeless survivor wants to go home

Abdul Khalik, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

 Anita, who worked in a brick factory that was destroyed in the floods, said
she would need Rp 25 million (US$2,500) to rebuild her house and for other
financial assistance. "But if you ask me what's in store in the future, I
just don't know. I don't see any light unless we get some financial aid
soon," she said.

"How long must we stay in these tents by the roadside? It has been two weeks
since we sought shelter here. We want to go home. But it has been washed
away." ***

The TNI [National armee] has a disproportionately heavy presence in Aceh because of the
ongoing operation to quell the separatist Free Aceh Movement (GAM).

Indonesia consists of mainly Moslems and the minority is Roman Catholic.  As expected, the Vatican is not giving one cent to the tsunami victims, as far as we know.  When two earthquakes struck Italy, the Pope footed the bill to the rest of the world while he stayed sitting on his trillions in the Swiss banks to solidify his empire.

Dear friends, here is a remarkable news which I just received from a friend
from Indonesia:

On the 25th of December 2004 the Christians in the town of Meulaboh in Aceh
wanted to celebrate Christmas in a combined service, but the Moslems in that
town objected and told them that if they wanted to celebrate Christmas they
have to do it outside the town area because it is a Moslem town. The 400
Christians decided to comply with their request and went to a hill outside
the city perimeter to camp out and held their Christmas program there.

As we know the following morning there was an earthquake and the Tsunami
that followed destroyed the whole town of Meulaboh and almost everybody who
were down there.

The whole population of Meulaboh were practically wiped out except the 400
or so Christians who celebrated Christmas on the hill outside the town.

The few survivors of Meulaboh remarked: "The God of the Christians has
punished us. Some of them asked: "Why are there so many of us who died in
this disaster, and none of the Christians are destroyed?"

If the 400 Christians insisted on celebrating Christmas in that town
according to their original plan, they would have perished too. They can
see that this is the direct intervention of God who saved His children in

Praise be the Lord.


Sammy Lee

If you haven't yet donated, here's a list of some organizations you can assist:

Action Against Hunger

ADRA International

Association for India's Development


Catholic Relief Services

Christian Children's Fund

Concern Worldwide

Direct Relief International

Doctors Without Borders

Food for the Hungry, Inc

International Aid

Crescent Societies

International Medical Corps

International Rescue Committee

Islamic Relief Worldwide

Lutheran World Relief

MAP International

Mercy Corps

Network for Good

Operation Blessing International

Operation USA


Plan USA

Project Concern International

Salvation Army

Save the Children USA


U.N. World Food Programme


World Concern

World Relief

World Vision

We can't vouch for any of the above organizations aside from ADRA, so please check to see how your donation will be distributed i.e. the percentage that will actually get to people in need. Remember that by donating, you'll also free up other funds for these organizations to continue their other various projects - this latest disaster has really stretched resources.




The Bandar Lampung Adventist Team left on the 4th of Januay 2005 from Bandar
Lampung to Jakarta by bus and then continued their journey to Medan by

>From Medan they went to Aceh by bus. The trip to Banda Aceh from Medan took
them 16 hours, and they stayed in the bus the whole night through. Along
the journey they experienced earthquake tremor twice.

As soon as they arrive in Banda Aceh, they reported to the Health Command
Centre there. The team consisted of to GP's and eight nurses, two
technician/logistics and two volunteer doctors from USA with their wives.

Their tents were set up at the Health Centre in the Greater Aceh Ward, and
as soon as they erected their tents they unloaded their cargo of 5 tons
consisting of medicines and special medicines for children.

The hospital tent which they erected was used to treat patients, where four
tables functioned as emergency surgery tables. The doctors and nurses
treated the victims outside the tent. One tent was erected the big tent to
be used as a laboratory and store-room for the medicines.

On the first day, there were over 500 who came to fill the Hospital Tent.
Most of those patients were wounded by pieces of metal, nails or timber logs
when the Tsunami stroke. Several of them suffered infection, after being
treated at the local public clinic. This team worked very hard until 9:00
pm, and after that they had to prepare their own meals.

According to the report of Dr. Ronald Lisal, the director of the Bandar
Lampung Adventist Hospital who acted as the team leader, most of the cases
involved respiration infection, skin problems, infected wounds, gastritis,
diarrhoea, pneumonia and malaria.

For one whole week they treated the patients on that location and the number
of those treated were over 2500 people, 16 of which have been admitted as in
patients in the tent provided. They worked hand in hand with the local
nurses who learned a lot from the Adventist Hospital Team on how to treat
the patients properly.

A lot of the local nurses indicated their desire to be trained in our
Hospital if it is possible. The team conducted special training to those
health institution staff and also the team from the local Red Cross. The
Bandar Lampung Adventist Hospital were able to share their skill in Basic
Life Support techniques.

The local Health Centre staff have made a daily eight hour treatment , but
many were still coming to the tent hospital. Some of those who came were
suffering from mental stress, and felt very grateful for the help they
received, because many of them have lost their family members, homes and
everything else they possessed.

Owing to the seriousness of this team as they work and their deep attention
for the sick, not only physically but have also been helping them in their
morale and spirituality, that the local community leaders and the local
government officials as well as the army personnel's nicknamed them as the
"Unique Christian Group". The people noticed that the members of this team
do not wear rings, or other ornaments, eat very simply, drink no coffee and
none of them smoke.

Another good news is, that on Sabbath morning, this team were permitted to
hold a worship service before they perform their duty. The NBC TV crew from
USA covered this unique events in their broadcast.

The Team has now returned to Bandar Lampung on the 14th of January 2005.
They have shown fantastic attention and care in helping the victims who
needed their help so badly. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, folks!

This Team has been replaced by another Team from the Bandung Adventist
Hospital which has a total of 13 people, and have arrived safely in Aceh and
have commenced serving in the area.

We also thank Dr. Ruben Supit, the director of Medan Adventist Hospital, who
has been appointed as field coordinator in this project.

Translated into English by Sammy Lee from a report by Ely Waworundeng, ADRA
Indonesia Director.

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