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It is not possible that Tongue-Speaking could be a necessary part of the Christian Life, because Paul plainly states that not all speak in tongues [1. Corinthians 14:29-20].

The fact that someone is using Christian and Protestant words, does not make him one. Are modern tongues of God or the Devil? Speaking in a foreign tongue simply means foreign language. This fact removes all obscurity. In Acts 2, on the day of Pentecost, were 17 different languages present.

Neo Pentecostals and Charismatic's are basing their unmeaning gibberish and strange mutterings on a single text are sincerely mistaken and deceived. In 1.Corinthians 14:27 the word "unknown" has been supplied by the Translators and is not found in the original manuscripts. This then would mean that it speaks of 'known' tongues or languages. [The word 'unknown' is in italics in the KJV of the Bible]. Corinth was an international sea port and some church members prided themselves with the ability to learn and speak other languages.

There is not one example of a prayer in the Bible that is uttered in unintelligible mutterings that "bypass the intellect." Jesus Christ did not pray that way and neither did the apostles. We have heard Charismatics speak in their "private prayer language" in churches and conferences in many parts of the world. Larry Lea's "private prayer language" at Indianapolis '90 went something like

this: "Bubblyida bubblyida hallelujah bubblyida hallabubbly shallabubblyida kolabubblyida glooooory hallelujah bubblyida." We wrote that down as he was saying it and later checked it against the tape. Nancy Kellar, a Roman Catholic nun who was on the executive committee of St. Louis 2000, spoke in "tongues" that went like this: "Shananaa leea, shananaa higha, shananaa nanaa, shananaa leeaŠ" repeated over and over. How could this possibly be a prayer language or speaking in tongues?

Did early Protestants agree with such a spirit of tongues? No, they did not! Luther is being reported as saying, my spirit slapps yours on the snout! Pentecostals today claim that Protestant Reformer John Wesley on the ship home from America spoke in tongues. But this is absolutely from lying tongues. Wesley was still unconverted at that stage and only on his arrival back home from this voyage attended a Morovian Missionary (branch of Lutherans) Meeting where the comments of Luther were read out and John found his Saviour.---See- The Journal of John Wesley, May 24, 1738.

Luther's book is still available today: 'Commentary on Romans by Martin Luther, Kregel publications. 223 pages and I use it al the time. Pentecostals would not agree with Luther on the following:
                             "Ye are not under the law, but under grace (Rom.6:14) Believers are not under the Law, but under grace, because they have fulfilled it through faith in Christ, whose fulfilment of the Law and righteousness is ours. This is freely given us by God's grace, because He has mercy on us. In John 8:34 Christ says: "Whosoever committed sin is the servant of sin." Therefore sin is his master."---page 105, 2nd par.

But now we are delivered from the Law in the sense that by faith in Christ we obey the Law, and by grace freely and willingly do what the Law demands of us. For this we need (divine) love which seeks what is God's and which is given to all who in true faith ask for it in the name of Jesus."---ibid, page 109



TONGUES what is it? Known as Glossolalia or spiritual and charismatic gift! Providing it is the genuine article as found in Acts 2 where we see 16 known tongues or languages that were clearly understood.


But today's unmeaning gibberish is far from it. If this phenomena is the sole criteria for truth, then all the lies of Satan are easily accepted. Neo Pentecost is far from it and instead of calling people out of Babylon, they call people into it (see Revelation 14:8;18:4).


Babylon stands for confusion. At Babel God confused the [TONGUES] languages and all the various churches of Christendom, all claiming to have their teachings derived from the same Bible, fits this picture. But now with adding the confusion and babeling of tongues, it really applies!

A significant feature in the work of spiritism just now, is the religious garb it is assuming.. Keeping in the background its grosser principles. It talks of sin, repentance, the atonement, salvation through Christ, in almost as orthodox language as do genuine Christians.

Fallen Angels have transformed themselves and their ministers ( 2.Cor.11:14,15 ) into angels of light and deceive if it were possible the very elect of God. So close is the counterfeit like a $10 Dollar bill that it is hard to distinguish between the false and the genuine. He only needs to inject 5% poison into good wholesome food for it to poison us and for us to take it in unaware. Christians, both Protestant and Roman Catholic, please wake up.

The church at Corinth was carnal (1.Cor.3:3) and therefore ungodly and unable to keep the Ten Commandments (Rom.8:7).  It was a wicked church taking each other to court over their evil deeds. practiced fornication, were partisan, neglected prayer, abused their ministers, failed to pay tithe to support their ministers and had perverted the Lord's supper. 

Because Corinth was an international seaport, wickedness had rubbed off to the church. The apostle Paul was the international evangelist and spoke more languages than any of them. He tried very hard to bring them back on course again. In Corinth was confusion. people were speaking different languages and sometimes no one to interpret what was said. Paul wanted to bring order, so that outsiders could come into their midst and respect them.

Notice in 1.Cor.14:2 that speaking in tongues is speaking to God only and not to men. No man can understand it not even interpreters. It is mysteries. But if any man preach the gospel in a foreign language (known tongue), let there be someone who can interpret, then you have the real gift.

"Paul says that the tongue speaker edifies himself [1.Cor.14:4] That would not be possible unless the words could be understood. Throughout chapter 14 Paul says that understanding is necessary for edification.

The apostle urges the Corinthian church and us to the Commandments of God (1.Cor.7:19) and instead of cheap emotions, God's solid principles of love (1.Cor.13) then they  would not need letters of commendations (2.Cor.3:1) because everyone would see that Christ is in our hearts and would shine from our faces.


Modern speaking in tongues is more than religious nonsense, its meaningless gibberish and mutterings are listed in the old testament under wizards and familiar spirits (Isaiah 8:19). GOD forbids it!


Missionaries have found witchdoctors in the islands with this same gift of speaking in tongues. We must take  the warnings of our LORD JESUS really seriously: 'For there shall arise false Christs (or Christians), and false Prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch they shall deceive the very elect, if it were possible'.--Matthew 24:24 and the warnings of the apostle Paul: 'let no man deceive you by any means: for that day (second Advent) shall not come, except there is a falling away first (which happened after the bulk of Christianity rejected the three Angel's messages of Revelation 14), and that the man of sin (or lawlessness) stands revealed ( the modern King of Babylon, the Papacy claims to have inherited the title Pontifex Maximus, in short Pontiff, directly from the King of Babylon, and also claims authority from heaven to modify divine law, is definitely the lawless one spoken of here ) ......who opposes and exalts himself  ( note here how exalted the pope really is ) ......so that he as God, showing himself that he is God (by calling himself 'HOLY FATHER', he is putting himself in the place of God. This religious title is strictly forbidden in the new testament, see Matth.23:9).......for the mystery of iniquity (or sin and error) does already work ..(papal lawlessness started way back then)............with all power and signs and lying wonders. --2.Thess.2:3-9

The apostle Paul gives the very reason why GOD has sent this strong and overpowering delusion into Christianity:  "They received not the love of the truth."---2.Thess.2:10
What is the truth? JESUS is the LOGOS or WORD of GOD made flesh, John 1:1!  i.e. doctrines! But they have separated JESUS from the WORD of GOD and so with preach, teach and have a different Jesus.




The only biblical references to the baptism of the Holy Spirit are in Matthew 3:11 and Luke 3:16. Both 

verses tell us that John the Baptist said Jesus would baptize people with fire and the Holy Spirit. In Revelation 13:13 we can see  fallen Angels counterfeit the cloven tongues of fire that fell at Pentecost with miracles as a means of deception in making an image to the beast 666


In revelation 16 we can see the evil trinity possessed by evil spirits like frogs coming out of their mouth. How does the frog catch his prey? with the tongue 



The 1914 manual of spiritualism ,when it still was opposed to Christianity ,listed speaking in tongues and miracles just as in witchcraft and sorcery. 1960's saw faith healer Oral Roberts entering the mainline Churches coinciding with the second Vatican Council II

1960's Catholic faith healers in the Philippines started bloodless operations on tumor patients.

* also the first Episcopal (Church of England) priest Dennis Bennett broke out in tongues Note: English Adventist Evangelist Edward Irving was convicted in the 1850's of heresy by English courts.  Also on oct. 1650 George Fox  the founder of the 'Quakers' was before judge Gervase Bennett who termed speaking in tongues 'quaking like frogs in the hands of God' and this gave Quakers their name, but they have since given up the quaking.

This is exactly what the Bible also called in Revelation 16:13

In 1965 the U.S. Federal gvt. financed a scientific study into speaking in tongues at the Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York by Dr.'s John Kildahl and Paul A. Qualben. After taking Glossolalia on tape, they called in neo-Pentecostal so called interpreters from different locations. The report said: "There was no similarity in the interpretations. One interpreter said the tongue speaker was praying for the health of his children; the other would report the same speech to be an expression of gratitude to God for a recent successful church fund-raising effort.

This has to be Satan the wolf in sheep clothing. God here apparently did not allow the fallen foe to interfere and synchronize the two interpreters. Praise the Lord!!!

The burning question remains, why doesn't our gvt. protect its people from these delusions? But God says that this delusion is only for certain people, see 2.Thess2:9 and is directly linked to 1.Timothy 4:1-4--monks, nuns, priests, bishops, cardinals and popes are not permitted to marry and have to abstain from meat on Fridays.


Mark 16 which starts off with Sabbath keeping to which Pentecostals and Charismatic's do not subscribe. Verse 17 all those who are baptized [v.16] are born again Christians which speak with new tongues or language. Before they were used to swearing, cursing and foul jokes, now they are full of godly talk. This is the new language [tongue].
As for v.18, many Pentecostals falsely so called have tried it even in front of TV and failed miserably, because it is the false latter rain. The real latter rain is on its way and will produce persecution.


Referring to the time of the latter rain in her chapter "Modern Revivals" in The Great Controversy, Ellen White said:

"The Spirit and power of God will be poured out upon His children. At that time many will separate themselves from those churches in which the love of this world has supplanted love for God and His word. Many, both of ministers and people, will gladly accept those great truths which God has caused to be proclaimed at this time to prepare a people for the Lord's second coming."--Page 464.

Then, in prophetic words she describes how the enemy will intrude himself:
                                                                                                                                    "The enemy of souls desires to hinder this work;; and before the time for such a movement shall come, he will endeavor to prevent it by introducing a counterfeit. In those churches which he can bring under his deceptive power he will make it appear that GOD's special blessing is poured out; there will be manifest what is thought to be a great religious interest. Multitudes will exult that GOD is working marvellously for them, when the work is that of another spirit."--Ibid.

The real latter rain is about to be poured out to loosen every stammering tongue. Unlike neo-Pentecostalism, the real Holy Spirit will convict of sin and extreme worldliness into which modern Babylon has fallen.


If it doesn't line up with Holy Writ, don't touch it. Emotionalism is an ego trip and a poor substitute for faith. Demons have a high time with the world and the church right now. But God's real latter rain of the Holy Spirit is on His way and will outdo any false and counterfeit Pentecost.

Moffatt's New Testament Commentary says of these manifestations: "Oracles of the great 'lord' at the Shrine of Delphi, as Heraclitus put it, were revelations of the god's will through ecstasy, not through sensible words. So were the Sybil's unintelligible cries. A priest or priestess, seized by sudden trances of the spirit, uttered mystic sayings, which were held to be all the more divine as they were least rational or articulate. [Italics supplied.] Philo in Alexandria had taken over the Greek notion, arguing that such ecstasy, when the mind or unconscious reason was superseded, was the highest reach of the human soul in its quest for God."—Commentary on 1 Cor. 14, p. 214.


The Greek verb diermeneuo may mean either to "translate," to "explain," or to "interpret."  It is also used often to convey the idea of making something understandable or clear.  Now it is obvious, according to Paul's previous statements, that the moment glossolalia becomes understandable, it ceases to be glossolalia by definition, for glossolalia is something which "no one understands" (14:2). In other words, Paul, by telling his readers to exchange their ability at glossolalia for powers of interpretation, has very clearly told them to choose that other way of speaking, the way which produces understandability.

Once again in this paragraph, as in paragraph one, Paul makes a statement which the context simply will not allow to be taken in a straightforward manner. "I thank God. I speak in tongues more than all of you" (14:18). Some have contended that Paul means by this assertion that he speaks more languages than any Corinthian Christian.   But such a contention requires one to define Pauline glossolalia as something different from Corinthian glossolalia, which is manifestly nonunderstandable, as shown above.


Evangelist Dwight Moody compared speaking in tongues to choirs that sing in a way no one can understand. "Why is not that (Choir) just as great an abomination?".---Secret Power, page 110.


Advocators of Speaking in tongues tell us that the Ten Commandments are an administration of death. But the very opposite is true. They are a Law of liberty and freedom from sin (James 2:8-12). Paul in 2.Corinthians chapter 3 does not say this. He states that the Law is glorious and therefore does not diminish from it. What was the administration of death was the daily killing of animal sacrifices for sins. 


    A significant feature in the work of spiritism just now, is the religious garb it is assuming. Keeping in the background its grosser principles.

It talks of sin, repentance, the atonement, salvation through Christ, in almost as orthodox language as do genuine Christians.


Yet its occult powers and necromancy ( talking to the dead ) is clearly seen today. The dead know not anything ( Eccl.9:5,6;Psalms 146:4 ) and in these last days we are warned against seducing spirits ( 1.Tim.4:1 ).


Speaking in Tongues and the secret rapture has never been part of Protestantism!

"How about when the spirit of truth is come, he will lead you into all truth".---John 16:13. The spirit of glossolalia leads into error. Tongues has never been part of the Protestant heritage. It only arrived after the fall of spiritual Babylon.

120 Million Roman Catholics received the infusion of baptism of the spirit (tongues) and Neo-Pentecostalism (Charismatic Movement) emerged in the 1960's when Episcopal (Church of England) priest Dennis Bennett spoke in tongues.


While some churches are little more than cemeteries, tongues are more like an insane asylum and performing circuses with worldly rock concerts.


Does tongues lead to more holiness in living or just create an appetite for the next meeting where they get "ZAPPED" again?

How can praying in tongues be preaching the Gospel?  >>>llie tondi lamatra silia contira so ma<<<

Before tongues arrived in the 1960's, we were given >>>hokus pokus sala malikum espiritus sanctus<<< in the dead language of latin that you could not understand either.

Before 1960's no preaching of the gospel of Christ, only ceremonies in which the image of the 'sun-monstrance' was the most sacred object of worship. Since spritualism this has become unnecessary, yet the day of the sun-Sunday, is still most sacred. 


In Protestantism, Pentecostals started on January 1,1900 by a Methodist named Agnes Ozman who suddenly broke out in tongues.


When speaking in tongues came into Christianity in the 1960's, they confronted us with the challenge that we must speak in tongues in order to proof that you have the spirit. It is a spirit alright, but it proved to us that they did not know what it means to be born again by the real Holy Spirit of God.


Why are so many people deceived by charismatic error today? It should be obvious that falling on the floor and getting "drunk in the Spirit" are not biblical practices, that genuine biblical tongues-speaking is not mere gibberish that can be learned, that rock music (the very name of which refers to fornication) cannot glorify a holy God, and that women should not teach or usurp authority over men. Yet all of these and many other errors are readily accepted by multitudes of people.

Acts 2 drunken preachers?
The drunk part in ACTS 2 I understand as seen by unbelievers as boldness that comes from consuming alcohol. They did not subscribe this to being GOD'S Holy Spirit's power.

Acts 10
ACTS 10 is all about accepting non-Jews from other nations [see verses 28,35, 45] and so foreign languages are here indicated. From verse 19 we can see that the Holy Spirit is an actual person.

The joy comes from being truly born again and having the fruits [not gifts] of the Holy Spirit [Gal.5:22].

Demons can give you light and power, but cannot supply the love, joy and peace of the real Holy Spirit. Glossolalia looks more like deformation than reformation. Jumping up and down and around, and screaming and hollering in a disorderly manner accompanied by worldly music "Beware of pretended holiness" they are charmed as they give themselves up to wild, excitable feelings and make unintelligible sounds which they call the gift of tongues.

Miracles? "Let not the days pass by and precious opportunities be lost of seeking the Lord with all the heart and mind and soul. If we accept not the truth in the love of it, we may be among the number who will see the miracles wrought by Satan in these last days, and believe them. Many strange things will appear as wonderful miracles, which should be regarded as deceptions manufactured by the father of lies. . . . Men under the influence of evil spirits will work miracles. They will make people sick by casting their spell upon them, and will then remove the spell, leading others to say that those who were sick have been miraculously healed. This Satan has done again and again."

We have been warned that we are not to depend entirely upon miraculous healing when there is sickness. We must do everything that we can for ourselves. We are to study the nature of the disease, find its cause, and deal with it intelligently, using all the facilities at hand. If God were to heal all sickness when requests are made of Him, this would lead to presumption. Very few would change their way of life that had brought on the sickness. For this reason health institutions were to be established among us where people might not only regain their health through proper treatment but also could be taught how to prevent sickness.

       When these discordant ones, holding their different views, come together and there is considerable excitement and the unknown tongue, they let their light so shine that unbelievers would say: These people are not sane; they are carried away with a false excitement, and we know that they do not have the truth. Such stand directly in the way of sinners; their influence is effectual to keep others from accepting the love of the truth.

They make a profession, but their fruits are such as to disgust unbelievers. They are boastful, and pray and talk in a self-righteous manner, exalting themselves, recounting their good deeds, and, like the Pharisee, virtually thanking GOD that they are not as other men. Yet these very ones are crafty, and overreach in business deal. Their fruits are no good. Their words and acts are wrong. Our Lord JESUS has this to say to them:
                                                                   "Not everyone that saith to Me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that does the will of My Father which is in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day [judgment], Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Thy name? and in Thy name have cast out devils? and in Thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from Me, ye that work iniquity."

The Christian who wishes to stay with the spectacular and never moves on to an understanding will never really know GOD. Having dug deep into the charismatic movement, I ferreted out the reason for the sudden popularity and compared it to the past history of our long Christianity. It became apparent that the entrance of the modern tongues has been carefully timed to coincide with the introduction of a new spiritual disease called "emptiness of the soul"; a self-loving condition that exists in a life built around a spiritual vacuum where CHRIST is but a name, and the HOLY SPIRIT is nothing but a formless wisp of undefined power.


Thank you for visiting our site and please call again. God will richly bless you as you contemplate to avoid tongues as the plague!!!




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Theologically, the United Pentecostal Church is a cult of Christianity due to its rejection of key doctrines of the Christian faith
The UPC also has a high level of spiritual abuse

A church that advertises tonnes of fun remind us of the sayings of JESUS: Lovers of pleasures more than lovers of GOD!


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