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How to witness for Jesus Christ
Is it the best winning smile?  Should we study how to make friends and influence people?  What does the Bible say?  How did the apostles witness?
"We cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard." Acts 4:20

Silence, although a virtue, can be criminal especially so when eternal interests are at stake.  In times of spiritual peril God's men speak out.
Consider the prophets and apostles.  Ambiguity and equivocation could never be charged to them.  They stated their message with singular clarity, force, and conviction.  What they had to say, they said, and men understood what they said.

They were understood so well that many suffered martyrdom.  Pleasing platitudes, vague generalizations, and meaningless statements were not the causes of their death.  John the Baptist, Stephen, James, Paul, and Peter lost their lives because their Christian testimony was clear, lucid, and explicit.  
Unpopular, striking at the root and sinful attitudes and practices, their message never diluted the call to repentance and obedience.  God's love and justice were presented as interlocking truths, and the sinner understood that the two could not exist apart from each other.
At the day of Pentecost the apostle Paul left no one in doubt. His message was and is still today: "Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins.


Q.: Why do you politic and say things about other Protestant and Catholic Christians?


      A.: God has many wonderful Christians in the fallen Churches of Babylon ( both Protestant and Catholic) and He has given Adventists the duty of calling them out for the last 140 years or so (see Rev.14:6-12). And remember that Rome is the mother church and calls the Protestants her naughty daughters run away from home. 

Her second oldest daughter is responsible for bringing the 'Counter-Reformation teachings' of the Jesuit priesthood, called Pretorism and Futurism, into Protetantism. Many others are about to follow suit until Babylon the great is truly fallen by the spirit of compromise rather than the holy spirit of truth.


I also follow the lead of Protestant leader Luther who always compared truth with falsehood and wasn’t afraid to call his former brethren the progeny of Cain, i.e. false worshippers.  But my great ‘IDOL’ is the Lord Jesus Christ who also condemned His former Brethren as ‘Vipers’ and white washed graves.  Then I also admire the famous Protestant Author John Bunyan of ‘Pilgrims Progress’ who was put behind bars by the Protestant state church of England for 30 years into the tower of Bedford for statements like this: “ The world is full of half priests who cannot tell the truth and nothing but the truth, for in so doing would only condemn themselves”.  You see, the state churches by their very name and nature are the enemies of God.  That’s what makes them ‘prostitutes’ (see Rev.17) James 4:4 says that friendship with the world is prostitution and enmity with God.


This is exactly what the dreaded mark of the Beast 666 really is.  Cain, instead of repenting from false worship, rose up and killed his brother.  Today it is no different!   The Mother Church of Rome  has led Protestants into false worship.  They blasphemously claimed authority from heaven to modify divine law and removed the second of the 10 Commandments which forbids false worship and the making of idols and images even underground like purgatory, limbo and hell, and then also altered the very day of worship itself from Christ’s seventh day Sabbath to the pagan first day of the sun which belonged to devil worship.  Now when we, like Abel, reprove our brethren from Babylon, instead of repenting from false worship because they follow the lead of Rome, they get very angry and upset and want to kill us.

This is also what God means with making an image to the Beast (see Revelation 13).  Protestant America is following Rome very soon with the long awaited Sunday law to enforce false worship by state law.  They’ll use the already proven economic boycott of forbidding to buy and sell unless you have the mark of the Beast 666 or its name or number.  So we follow the Bible by not warring against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities and wickedness in high places (Eph.6:12) and Jesus said to the religious Leaders of His day: “in vain do they worship me making void the commandments of God by their traditions.”  Is it any different today?  No.  Jesus tells me in Revelation that the worshippers of the Beast are drunk with the wine of her fornication (adulteries).  My Mother ran a pub or drinking bar and I know what a drunk is like. The drunken person has no regard for truth and could not care less about true worship.  Their mind is befuddled and cannot think clear and they get agro when reproved.


Q.: Why does our Lord answer the question about the end of the world together with the destruction of Jerusalem? 


A.: Because it has a double application.  The time of trouble such as never was nor will be (Dan.12) which we have just entered, is just like that.  When the Roman Legions had surrounded Jerusalem and starved its citizens to death, they ate their own children.  We can expect  worse from now on.  The Devil will try to put the blame on the true worshippers when in fact the cause is false worship (Rev.19:2).  A couple of years ago I attended an Alpha Course which featured  Nicky Gumble with his funny stories, run by the state church of England (also called Anglican or Episcopalian in Protestant Countries).  There I met beautiful Christians and it was so lovely to dwell together in peace and unity and love, love everybody.  Sounds so godly but it is keeping the worshippers feeding on the milk of the Word only and they cannot discern between good and evil.  Telling half the truth is really telling a lie. Christian liar is a contradiction in terms.  Luther wrote 95 thesis, but Adventists had to write 109 answers to objections in 1932 A.D. to counter the lies of our Christian opponents. [Nicky is a Pentecostal Anglican].


Colossians 2 is always thrown at us which clearly says that these sabbaths (plural) and food laws are rudiments of the world (verses 8+20) and have nothing to do with Christ or His holy Sabbath (singular).  The Jews had 7 annual sabbaths in their ceremonial and sacrificial laws, and like 1 Cor.7:19 says: circumcision is nothing but what counts are the Commandments of God.  The Gospels are full of Sabbath arguments, but never once did Jesus say, as He might have to the woman of Samaria, you don’t have to worry about this old Jewish Sabbath day any longer, there will be a new one soon.

   All these many Churches of Christendom that are throwing Colossians 2 at me (or us) have in common, is to direct people to verse 14 -- blotting out the handwriting of ordinances!  These are not the commandments of God!! God did not allow Moses to write them, and so God wrote them Himself.  And of course later I will show what all the churches once believed about Colossians ch.2, which is what I now teach.  But because Col.2:14 mentions nailing the ordinances to the cross, they all use this verse to get rid of Christ’s Sabbath.  When we say that all of the Ten Commandments are in the N.T. they say there are nine, but not the Jewish Sabbath.


Note: while the wine represents the false or erroneous doctrines, it is true that some state churches actually use alcoholic Beverage to misrepresent the purity of the blood of Jesus in their worship services.  The Bible also calls pure grape juice wine, and it does not mean alcohol, as we understand it today.  Also the bread, representing the purity of our Lord’s body must not have yeast in it as Jesus warned of the yeast of the Pharisees.


Q.: What is the Beast?


 A.: The Beast is easy to identify as pagan Rome which became papal Rome when the throne of Caesar was handed over and the atrocities against the true and pure worshippers was carried on for 1260 years from 538 A.D. to 1798 A.D.  It is not so much the Beast 666 that we are worried about, but its successor, which is the ‘IMAGE’ of that Beast, namely Protestant America that enforces the false worship of the Beast 666.


The Beast came out of the sea (Rev.13: 1 cf.17:15) which means it arose out of great population (Roman empire) but the image arose out of the ground, which means a sparsely or uninhabited place.  The Indians in America lived in tents and were Nomadic tribes, rather than inhabitants.  We could call them occupiers.  The ten horns are said to be 10 Kings or rulers (Rev.13:1 cf. Rev.17:12) and the Roman empire was dominated by the 10 Arian tribes of which 3 roamed in Italy itself.  They had to be uprooted before the bishop of Rome could mount the throne and fulfil the decree of Justinian in 535 A.D., which placed him at the head of all churches. (see Dan.7) Generalissimo Belasarius had to be recalled from North Africa with his legions to free the city of Rome.


When you study the features of the Beast, you’ll see that it inherited all the features of its predecessors, namely the body of the Leopard (Greece see Daniel) not for its swiftness but its cruelty and the many Greek philosophies the Roman church brought into Christianity. The feet of the bear ( Media/Persian Empire), the mouth of a lion, i.e. Babylon. (Note, the pope claims also to have inherited the title Pontifex maximus or in short ‘pontiff’ directly from Babylon) and of course the dragon  himself gave him the power, seat and great authority (Rev.13: 2 cf.12:9). The Beast is said to continue for 42 months (13:5) which of course is the 1260 years of cruel papal reign.

His number 666 can easily be worked out from his many titles, one of which is ‘Vicarius Filii Dei’ meaning ‘in the place of God.’  Indeed' he has taken the place and name of God by calling himself ‘holy father’. (see also (2Thess.2) vicar=short for, in place of, and Dei=short for Deity.


 In Roman/Latin numerals, V=5, I=1, C=100,  A=0,  R=0,  I=1, U=5 (same as V),     S=0.  Total= 112

F=0,  I=1,  L=50,  I=1.  I=1.  Total=53  

D=500,  E=0,  I=1.  Total=501.  Grand Total=  112+53+501=666


God’s greatest threat of the entire bible is not so much to the ignorant wicked of the world, but to the churches who profess to know and handle truth, yet have given themselves over to ‘Spiritualism’ and false worship.  The seven last plagues and the tormenting with fire and brimstone day and night are directed to them. Should we be silent or speak up and warn them?  God never punishes anyone without giving sufficient warning and explanation as to the cause of it.


Q.: Is every day a Sabbath?  A.:  No, this cannot be.  This is not taught by the Bible but read into it. Romans 14

This would make God sound as if He wants us to worship 24/7, listen what God really says to us: " For the new heaven and the new earth I make, all flesh shall come to worship before Me from one Sabbath to another.


And He tells us that we built houses and vineyard and enjoy the labour of our hands (Isaiah 66:22,23; 65:22)

All Ten Commandments are save in heaven now under God's throne (Hebr.8:1-5;Revel.11:18;1.King8:9).

                                                False teachings and false Teachers are called for by the false worshippers themselves.  The Bible says:” they heap unto themselves Teachers that will tell them what their ears are itching to hear and not what they suppose to hear (2.Thimothy 4:3)”.  The O.T. gives us an example where Elijah was despised by the religious leaders of his day, and 400 prophets of Baal from sunworship to tell them what they wanted to hear.  Today we call them Sunday worshippers.  Sunday is an unbiblical day of worship and rests solely with the institutions of Rome.

                             These same Teachers will soon tell you that not every day is a Sabbath, but Sunday is, when the soon and long expected worldwide economic boycott of Revelation 13 be enforced.  Whether they are rivals, opponents or enemies, I cannot tell.  Revelation 12:17 tells me that the cold war on the 10 Commandments will hot up very soon and God calls all His lovely People out of fallen Babylon. Rev.18 pictures demon possessed Christians trapped like birds in a cage and their sins have stockpiled to heaven in the same way and amount of false teachers they have accumulated.  That’s what 2.Tim.4:3 says, ‘they have heaped or stockpiled’!!!

                                          Every week that you trod under foot Christ’s Sabbath soon accumulates and you only have to break one of the ten no matter which one, God condemns you as having broken and disrespect for Him.(James 2:8-12).  Nearly all Writers copy each other and twist 1.Timothy 4:1-4 they not long ago applied to Rome only and use it today to distance people from ‘Adventism’.  They say, as they said to me when enquired about Adventist, that they forbid the eating of Meat. This is not true.  I could not find a single book among Adventists that said so. I found that some among them are Meat eaters and it has never been made a test of fellowship. So where do these lies come from?  Christian Liars???

                                             But 1.Tim.4:3 must be interpreted by the Bible itself.  Read Acts 10 and see how Peter had this vision of unclean animals and was told to eat.  He did not understand it until later and you can read Acts 11 and see that it was not literal animals but the Gentiles referred to.  Just as I was not allowed to eat with nor fellowship with a non roman catholic, so were the Jews.  Catholics are also forbidden Meat on Fridays.

Adventists are not forbidden to marry, but nuns, monks, priests, bishops, cardinals and popes are.  So why are fallen Protestants in so much darkness and cannot interpret simple passages like this one?  1.Tim.4:1-4 also speaks of being seduced by spirits and doctrines of demons.  Roman Catholicism is compatible with ‘vodooism in Tahiti, dream time aboriginals in Australia’ etc. and hell, purgatory, limbo and Sunday sacredness.  And lastly when ‘spiritualism’ entered Christianity in the 1960’s with sign and wonders just as Jesus in Matthew 24:24 and Paul in 2.Thess.2 warned us of.  See also Revel.13 :13,14 making fire come down in form of falsely so called tongues of fire as on Pentecost.

The evil trinity in Rev.15:13 of spiritism can be seen by the symbol of unclean spirits like frogs coming out of their mouth.  How do frogs catch their prey?  With the tongue.

                                                                      Note: Meat and sugar can overburden your stomach and clog the brain.  Vegetarians are usually better students and easier for God’s holy spirit to teach biblical truth even children and low I.Q. people can benefit. But praying for help of the holy spirit with understanding biblical truth and spiritual matters before studies begin, is an absolute must.

Also Col.2:17  Christ’s Sabbath and the other 9 of the 10 commandments were never a shadow of things to come.  How anyone could misinterpret this so far off, beats me.


The Law was our 'schoolmaster' to bring us to Christ by faith (Gal.325;Rom.3:31). What does this mean? The word schoolmaster is 'paidagogos' where we get our English word 'pedagogue from. It was the Masters slave responsible for making sure that His children got to school and not play truant.

But once we have qualified in the "school of Christ", and we have received faith from above and His holy word (Rom.10:17), we are no longer under the Law and its condemnation, but equal with it. This holy Law of liberty and freedom (James 2:8-12) is then put inside us (Rom.8:3+4) under the new testament agreement (Hebr.8:10; 10:16) and so we now love to come to church and Sabbath school (Sunday school) and no longer need this schoolmaster to teach and drive us to school.


Some difficult Bible texts?

 Understanding Peter's Vision

Many have tried to use Peter's vision of the great sheet (Acts 10:9-28) to justify eating unclean animals. They say it proves that Jesus taught His disciples it was acceptable to eat any living creature.

However, each time the sheet came down and Peter was asked to kill and eat the unclean animals, he responded, "Not so, Lord; for I have never eaten any thing that is common or unclean." Acts 10:14. Notice that even after three and a half years of listening to Jesus' teaching, Peter had not received the slightest hint or impression that eating unclean food was permissible. It is also interesting to note that in his vision, Peter never took anything to eat from the sheet.

Peter's vision of the sheet was never intended to sanctify the eating of unclean animals. Peter himself explains the meaning of the vision in verse 28: "God hath showed me that I should not call any man common or unclean." Again in verse 34, Peter summarized the point of the vision when he said, "Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons."

God's message to Peter had to do with cleansing people, not animals. This vision was given to impress the Jewish disciples that they should not call the Gentiles unclean, and that the gospel was to be freely proclaimed to all peoples of the world.

Does Prayer Purify Food?

The warning in 1 Timothy 4:1-5 against a latter-day apostasy involves a number of heresies--following devils, forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from certain foods. Perhaps the greatest misunderstanding has arisen over verse 4, where it is stated that "every creature of God is good." This verse means that every created thing has been made for a purpose. But some suppose it means that every animal is fit to be eaten if it is earnestly prayed over and blessed by the prayer of thanksgiving. This would mean that praying over a buzzard, cockroach, mole, or bat would make it good for food. Such an interpretation would be absurd and dangerous. "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." Galatians 6:7.

To prevent us from drawing any wrong conclusions, Paul hastened to add: "For it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer." Verse 5. So the Word of God must first approve it, and then the prayer of thanksgiving will sanctify it to be eaten.

It is helpful to note that the word "meats" in the original language is not limited to flesh foods. The Greek word "broma" simply means "food." We can know that Paul's discussion does not involve biblically unclean animals, because the meats that some had forbidden were foods "which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth." Verse 3.

It is easy to find in the Scriptures a description of the food God created to be received with thanksgiving (Genesis 1:29; 3:18; Leviticus 11:1-22). This passage was written to those who "believe and know the truth." God's Word is the truth. Only those who "believe and know" His Word will be led to those things that are "sanctified" and created to "be received with thanksgiving." Those who "sanctify themselves" while continuing to eat unclean meats will be destroyed at Christ's second coming (Isaiah 66:15-17).

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