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The truth and nothing but the truth is very unpopular. Jesus says, I am the truth and if they persecute Me, they will persecute you also. Ever wondered why? Sin is the cause! The apostle Paul as a Pharisee had not known sin even though they were very very strict in everything they did. He learned what sin was by the Ten Commandments (Romans 7:7).

 "All that live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution" (2.Tim.3:12). Notice that it is godly living that provokes the wrath and anger of the ungodly.  But what about the State Churches  when they persecute?  Jesus and His apostles were all persecuted by the State Church! We are to obey civil Authority in all secular matters to keep law and order and followers of Jesus Christ  love to do just that. But never when a religious law is concerned. Let me illustrate.

Jesus died for our sins, which are a violation of God's Ten Commands (by the law is the knowledge of sin Rom.3:20), Protestant leader Dr.Martin Luther , Theologian at the Uni of Wittenburg, Germany in 1521 AD protested against the wicked Sales of indulgences into sin, i.e. we allow you to sin if you are financial.

Luther then went on exposing  the errors. Together with many other Protestant Reformers they made the Word of our God the only source of truth!  What we can't understand is, Lutherans combined again with Rome to persecute the truth on the only biblical form of Baptism as practiced by the Baptist Churches and how Jesus gave us the example. Rome killed with cruel torture while the Protestant Lutherans were more humane with drowning the Protestant Baptists. Sprinkling babies is very unbiblical.

The Bible speaks of a time when the Churches would no longer endure the truth and would turn to fables ( 2.Tim.4:2-4 ) and they would also turn the truth into a lie ( 2.Thess.2:11). For hundreds of years, Protestant Reformers all over the World tried in vain to reform the fallen Motherchurch of Rome.

This falling away was prophesied by the Apostle Paul and happened when the Bishop of Rome was placed on the throne of Caesar. Truth was then adulterated with Paganism and the Ten Commandments changed beyond recognition.  Anyone who tried to cling to the truth was terribly butchered and murdered by the Church.

Protestantism did not recover all lost truth and errors of Rome! United on the I.D. of the Anti-Christ, namely papal Rome and the Gospel of righteousness by faith in the atoning blood of God's son Jesus Christ alone without works, was certainly the major progress. but where did they got stumped in the end?

Cunning Demons (see 1.Tim4:1-4) help seducing papal Rome with doctrines of Demons! Jesuit priests interpreted the two great prophetic books of  Daniel and the Revelation in such a way to make it believable as early as the 1600's . But God had sealed the book of Daniel until knowledge and travel would be on the increase (Dan.8:26; 12:4) Large sections of the Protestant churches have fallen for this.

The unsealing!

It came with the beginning of scientific and industrial knowledge in the 1800's known now as the great Advent Awakening. The Protestant Baptist Preacher William Miller in America and Edward Irvine in Scotland and England, Bengel in Germany, and Wolff in Asia , independent of each other unlocked the Bible's longest time prophecy of the 2300 days of years found in Daniel 8:14

In Rome's counter-Reformation theology of Daniel, they contradict our Lord who said that the Anti-Christ was still future of his time (see Matthew 24::15 cf.Dan8:13) and say that it was Antiochus Epiphanes II  which lived before the time of Christ.

Rome took the liberty to divide the prophecy in Daniel 9 and the many new Bible Translators also have taken the liberty to alter the original 2300 days of years by halving the number to 1150 days. Roman translation even has 2400 days.

I use to work in Canberra Hospital where I daily met with Pastors, Priests and all kind of Clergymen of both Catholic and Protestants. I tried to understand the last book of the Bible. But they all expressed unconcern and I wondered why! I had been brought up in the biggest Christian Church and thought that 800 Millions could not be wrong! But what a rude awakening!

The Vatican Council II allowed me to fellowship with Protestants for the first time. With many other Catholics we started to doubt the infallibility claim of the Pope.

I  became baptized into the Church of Christ when shortly after I met a Protestant Seventh Day Adventist Pastor who could explain the last book of the Bible, the Revelation of Jesus Christ with ease. Those who rejected the Lord's interpretation of Daniel and the Revelation among Protestants in the 1800's  have now the version of Rome only.

God calls all Christians that sleep with dirty politics whether Protestant or Roman Catholic, the daughters of the great Mother Whore (see Revel.17) , which commits adultery with the great man of the earth. 

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