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The great falling away has been long prophesied and is now become a reality.  Also known as the fall of spiritual Babylon in Revelation chapter 14

GOD is giving us time to repent and turn around. We are about to get enslaved again once more
Apostasy [Greek apostatis], a standing, a forsaking one's former friends or beliefs, one who deserts his faith or principles, false, unfaithful. [dict.]

3 Angels

1.Angel tells us what we must do.   Angel no 2 tells us why & Angel # 3 tells us if we don't GOD punishes us.  This is a time of Universal Apostasy when the Devil is seen seated in the church of GOD claiming to be GOD [2.Thessalonians 2].

This lawless one can be non other than the man of sin in Rome who led Christianity astray and into sin, claiming both the title and prerogative of GOD, namely "Holy Father" and "Infallibility." GOD has already sent a strong delusion such as false pentecost seen as fire of cloven tongues [Revelation 13:13,14] promised by 2. Thess.2 because they have turned the truth into a lie and do not love the truth nor endure sound doctrines anymore[2.Tim.4:2-4].


The three angel's are identified as having the patience of the saints and keeping the commandments of GOD by the faith of JESUS [Rev.14:12].

Note: Not the commandments of JESUS and the faith of GOD, clearly then, it must speak of the 10 Commandments and not as our opponents say, the two new commands, which is nothing short of apostasy.


The first angel announces the everlasting Gospel.  The complete Gospel must have all of the 10 Commandments and not just nine out of ten.  This is seen from the first angel telling us to worship Him who made heaven and earth etc.  Who is our creator GOD?  JESUS CHRIST [John 1:1-3] and JESUS is therefore Lord of the Seventh Day Sabbath [Matthew 12:8] which is the only true Lord's day on which John received His Revelation [Rev.1:10]


The warnings of the three Angel's messages begin with Revelation ch.10  where the little prophetic book [of Daniel] is given by another mighty Angel who swore by Him who made Heaven and earth [JESUS] that prophetic time would be no longer.

He especially mentions the seventh angel and then shows the sweet message [of Daniel] that the Lord JESUS was on its way to come and cleanse the temple [Daniel 8:14]. JESUS did come indeed to the temple sanctuary as seen in Daniel 7:13.


       This sanctuary temple contains the everlasting Gospel in its fullness.  The trouble in AD 1844 was that Christianity was complete ignorant of the sanctuary.  It was believed back than that it constituted the church [some call it the sanctuary] or the earth or portion of it.  It so suited also the fire and brimstone preachers of that day to think that GOD was on His way to come and cleanse the earth [sanctuary] with fire.


But the cleansing [KJV] has the original meaning of justification.  JESUS became our great high Priest in the heavenly Sanctuary at His ascension.  Just as the earthly model taught, He would officiate in the first apartment called the Holy. Because it was a daily defilement by sin and the blood of the animals, at the very end of the ceremonial year, the cleansing or justifying took place in the Most Holy Place.


It was called the day of Judgment.  No one was allowed into the Most Holy, except the high Priest once a year on that day which is also known as the day of "Atonement" or Yom Kippur the day of judgment.  If there was unconfessed and unrepentant sin in the camp of Israel, justification was not granted and the High Priest killed by GOD inside the Holy of Holiest, and showed Israel's National apostasy.


The only piece of furniture inside the Holiest of Holiest was the ark of the testament containing the 10 Commandments and the lid was called the mercy seat.  The lot was made out of pure gold.  Here we can see the all importance of GOD'S holy Law of morals also known as the Decalogue.  That is the real meaning of Daniel 8:14, JESUS our great high Priest entered the final phase of His ministry in the heavenly sanctuary to begin the final atonement, the cleansing of the sanctuary in 1844 at the end of the longest biblical time prophecy, the 2300 days of years.


       That is why the first Angel in Rev.14:6,7 says that the hour of GOD'S judgment is come [present tense] and because the great joy and anticipation that the lovers of JESUS would see there beloved commander, saviour so soon, was turned sour when it was digested {Rev.10]  But not for long.  One person in the Advent movement saw what we can see today by looking at Revelation 11 where it begins to speak about the temple in heaven where we worship by faith alone and being measured, meaning judged. Do we measure up to JESUS? do we want the remedy to Laodecean backsliding and apostasy?


Here in Revelation 11 we also see the time period mentioned twice in which the physical temple was destroyed in AD 70 by pagan Rome, but the heavenly Temple suppressed by papal Rome.  42 month or 1260 days are the same time period by this Jewish writer John. The Jewish calendar mainly works on 360 days in the year.  JESUS Himself endorses the prophetic day for a year when He said, tell this fox [Herod] that a work today and tomorrow, but on the third day I will be perfected [ Luke 13:32,33 ].


In Revelation 2:10 the Diocletian persecution is listed as 10 literal days. But history confirms that it lasted 10 years.  Is it GOD'S way of protecting truth?  No wonder Satan hates historical evidence.  So also the 1260 days are prophetic years as taught by Daniels companion Ezekiel 6:4, a day for a year.  The Beast 666 in Rome would cut off CHRIST'S intercession for us in the heavenly sanctuary for its duration of absolute power for 1260 years from the beginning of papal reign in AD 538 to its deadly wound by Napoleon in 1798 making this prophecy very trustworthy.


We see this same time period also in Daniel  referring to the papacy as the little horn power and again in its parallel account of Revelation 11:2,3; 12:6,14 as time, times, and half a time which is 31/2 years or 1260 days of years, and Rev.13:5 as 42 month which is also 1260 days of years of papal supremacy on the thrones of the Caesars butchering the true Christians that exposed their falsehood of the chair of St. Peter, which was really the throne of Caesar and the devil seated in the temple or church of GOD claiming to be GOD.


        Then in 1844 the Early First Day Adventists saw also the 10 Commandments in heaven under GOD'S mercy seat where our sins are forgiven on this hour of GOD'S judgment [see Revl.11:18,19] the ark of the testament or covenant contain the 10 Commandments [1king8:9] that point out sin and righteousness or right doing.


        Today, any honest Christian seeing what first day Adventists saw, must repent from Sunday worship and turn to CHRIST and His Seventh Day Sabbath for genuine worship.  This is the issue of the three angel's messages of Revelation 14:6-12.


Babylon is fallen?  The two Babylon by Hislop has been in wide circulation in Christianity and no one needs to remain in ignorance any longer.  The Pope claims the old Babylonian title of Pontifex Maximus, claiming to have it inherited from ancient Babylon, generally known as Pontiff.  Fallen Babylon means that papal Rome has been in Apostasy for centuries now, but what is new, is that the Protestant Reformers walked out of Rome declaring it Antichrist, are now returning the blood bought freedom so dearly purchased to enslave us again in falsehood and idolatry.  This darkness has come on the churches by listening to fables and traditions instead of GOD'S counsels and a love for sin rather than a love for truth.


The United States of America was built on Lamblike Horns, meaning Christ like principles of religious freedom. A State without a king that would have none other than King JESUS, and a church without a Papacy.  The great falling away [2. Thess.2] has changed all this.  Three U.S. Presidents went to the Pope's funeral recently and made speeches that this Antichrist is doing a great work for GOD and be listened to.  Bush is advocating Catholicism in order to win Catholic votes in the U.S. but also is guided by an apostate Christianity.

The Catholic
church has failed miserably to teach the fundamental moral principle
of the Bible. By making salvation a dispensation of the church,
rather than a disposition of the believer, the Catholic church has
fostered the mentality that no matter what sins you commit, the
church can reduce the temporal punishment, if not in this present
life, at least in Purgatory. The result is that corruption and
immorality in the social and political life, has become an accepted
way of life, a general apostasy.

CHRIST'S message to LAODECEA includes all of us, we all need to repent from thinking that we are O.K. when we are in reality far from GOD and sunk into backsliding and apostasy.  King David's prayer of repentance is a role model for every individual or corporate body.

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